Where fate and finance fuse

INVERTR is not a bank. It’s never just about the money. We’re in it for the long haul. We believe in companies that can reverse common practice for the greater good. Companies that use new technology to turn things around. That put old fashioned thinking upside down. That reverse directions towards more sustainable solutions. Companies that can change matter and make change matter. Like using waste energy to desalinate water. Like providing cleaner energy streams for our industry. Like better filtering of dirty water. Or producing installations to do all of the above. We turn finance into finesse.

Operating companies

We do not invest in an infinite number of companies. We select and keep focus. We serve a purpose.


Convert waste into energy.

TorrCoal firmly believes in torrefaction: a process to produce high-value bio-carbon from local rest streams. A process to renew biomass into cleaner fuel for our industries. With our TorrCoal technology, you can build the most advanced torrefaction plant. And with that plant you can generate your own bio-carbon stream.


Convert polluted water into purified water.

Aquastill is the global technology leader in the field of membrane distillation, the natural process to turn polluted water into clean water. Our technology can produce clean water on a larger scale, at competitive costs and with minimal impact on the environment, using waste heat or solar power to energize the process.


Convert ideas into products.

WTH is our local technology center to boost and support our investments. And any other company that needs a tailor-made solution with metals or plastics. In their region, Dutch Limburg, WTH offers the broadest range of high-tech machinery in combination with knowhow to find a technical solution for almost anything.


Convert dirty water into clean water.

Filtreco is the global frontrunner in filtering systems for fishponds, with the broadest range of filters and the largest installed base in Europe. From the Netherlands, the cradle of the European Koi community, Filtreco offers Koi lovers all over the world ease of mind and ease of use, and Koi itself healthiness and a clean habitat.

Rethink on return

We dedicate our ‘wealth’ to science and technology that bring change to the world. We use our money to accommodate the gifted people at our companies. To help them be the best they can be. As far as we are concerned, they are our true capital. Our future founders. So, we hope you found us, because you would like to do business with them. Because you believe in their change to the world as much as we do. We have turned finance into faith.