All companies we invest in turn common practice upside down. They have reached the pinnacle of technological possibilities for a greater good. That is where INVERTR diverges from other venture capitalists.

Longrun capital

Money comes and goes, but the state of the world is a more valuable and lifelong investment. It’s about health, not wealth. That is what drives our investments, our risky and daring undertakings. That is what drives the companies that we have invested in. We like to upturn venture capital, to rethink the return on our investments. In the end we like our investments to contribute to a cleaner and better world. We turn finance into foresight.

Future founders

We use our money to accommodate the gifted people at companies we invest in. To help them be the best they can be. As far as we are concerned, they are our true capital. Our future founders. So, we hope you found us, because you would like to do business with them. Because you believe in their change to the world as much as we do. We have turned finance into faith.

Change believers

We believe in companies that can change common practice for the greater good. Companies that use new technology to turn things around. That put old fashioned thinking upside down. That reverse directions towards more sustainable solutions. Companies that can change matter and make change matter. We turn finance into finesse.

Investment portfolio

We do not invest in an infinite number of
companies. We select and keep focus.
We serve a purpose.

Convert saline water into clean water.

Equity - full ownership


Convert ideas into products.

Equity - full ownership

INVERTR - Filtreco

Convert dirty water into clean water.

Brand – by WTH


Convert biocarbon into compounding additives.

Equity - large participation


Convert grey water into clean water.

Equity – small participation

INVERTR - TorrCoal

Convert waste into biocarbon.

Equity – sold

Rethink ambition

We are yet not another venture capitalist. Yes, we do financially support selected adventurous companies. You can have your thoughts about that, but we would like you to rethink them. Just as we like to rethink our ambitions: it’s not about money. We like to turn things around.

Persistent sustainers

Money can wait. Because ventures are journeys. Adventures. With bumps and setbacks. We are fit enough to absorb those blows for each of our companies. We are here to stay. Because we want these companies to transform the world, even if it’s just a little bit. We are INVERTR. We turn finance into future.